Thursday, May 29, 2008

DETENTION - Bobby Darling

Bobby's Latest YouTube. I am sure that neither of us spent a lot of time in detention, but Bobby was hands down the class clown...or school humorist, as he called himself. (It sounded as if the title was ''officially appointed,'' that way.)
It is refreshing to see that Bobby has, finally, admitted he has a problem with Magic Markers. It is 40 years, I know, but...a problem is still a problem.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

GLAATU Promotes ''BONGO'' Video -

An, ''I Think She Likes Me,'' Triangle


---I have been asked by Betty, to promote ''BONGO'S'' latest video. If I do it, then Betty won't think I'm jealous of her relationship to Bongo. I think she likes me, but I think she likes him, too. How can a space-alien compete with a gorilla?
---I am manager of ''KNUCKLEHEAD'' THEATER, but he says more relevant things, than I do. If only Betty would learn the cloystines of benazoprad...we'd have NO problem. What is a multi-dimensional bentoin, to do?

I Am NOT In This (Unfunny) Video - GLAATU!
(I Can't Wait Until it is Moved To - ''ALTERNATIVE'' THEATER, permanently.)
You Are Supposed to Laugh at least ONCE PER DAY. ''GLAATU.''
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