Friday, November 28, 2008

QUOTATIONS, ETC. - Bobby Darling Duo

---Didn't know how to label this video or where it belonged. A collaboration without meaning to be. It came out different than I expected. I'll share it this way.
---It Only Goes To Show, ''You Can't Teach An Old Dog, New Tricks.''... Very Easily.

---YouTube Search - MrStrokeGuy.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

''NEW'' TURKEY BOXING - Bobby Darling

---Bobby says that the match on YouTube, is his toughest to date. All he can really say is that he plans on training harder, the next time. You will notice that he has the doctor virtually tag teaming, with him. NO avail.

---Bobby Still Maintains The Turkey Boxing Championship For The Whole Eastern Seaboard of the USA. This Is Even With - ''El doctoro,'' Standing In At Times. To My Mind, I Think it May Have Been A Fairer Match, If The Turkey Wore Gloves, Too.

A Song I Wish I Wrote!