Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Bruce + Juliette -

---Street musicians that I had known and had seen many times. He played guitar, bass drum, high hat, blues harmonica and sang. She played the bass, which he taught her, and sang. I guess I should say SANG! You could hear them playing from blocks away.
---My friend, Cecil, just found the tape that I lent to him about 4 years ago. FYI, Cecil's story, picture and blues band is on my blog website called - AT THE HOSPITAL... I highly recommend, after you, thoroughly, enjoy, ''KNUCKLEHEAD'' THEATER, first. Some songs of Cecil ''Jerry'' Whitmore's former band, are found below. They are great.

---I have Bruce and Julliette, here, because I know that Bobby Darling (SLEEPYTIME BLUES BAND, ''Empty Bottle of Blues,'') checks this website, periodically, and I wanted to be sure the tapes are available. I have a feeling that he will like them. The recording isn't great, but you can hear them, fine. I think that she is an incredible BLUES singer. ENJOY.
Chicago Brother and Sister -
The Whitmore Family (Cecil's Band) -

Sunday, April 5, 2009

TABLE TENNIS - Bobby D. Will Like This
As I said, in the video, ''DIXIE HOLIDAY,'' I think that Bobby Darling may have been addicted to PONG, when it came out. He use to play a lot with Malibu Mal, at the LIMELIGHT in Springfield.
The game above is much better, and much FASTER.